Vietnamese-style Beef Stew (Bo Kho)



The first time that I tried Bo Kho was at a friend’s house who invited me over for dinner with her Vietnamese family. My friend’s grandmother was visiting from California who prepared the meal, was notorious for being the best cook in their family. After trying her beef stew, I couldn’t agree more. We had the stew with bread, which I learned to be the traditional way of eating the meal, and a bowl of rice. I was in heaven.


Being that I was on a time constraint, I decided to follow this Bo Kho Recipe from I’m glad I went along with this recipe because it was very easy to follow and quicker than the other recipes I researched. The recipe didn’t really specify what kind of pot to cook it in, so I ended up using my 7qt Dutch oven. I followed the directions to the T, however, used ground ginger rather than minced ginger since I was limited on time.


The stew turned out AMAZING. My reaction to the first bite was, “So you are saying I made this!???????? OMG.” The meat was so tender and juicy along with the carrots and onions, they were just literally melting in my mouth. For the sides, I prepared Jasmine rice and had a friend pick up French bread from the local super market. To drink, we had a bottle of Malbec that complimented the dish beautifully. Towards the end of the meal I asked my friends what they thought of the dish and with 3 monotone voices, while their faces were down stuffing their faces, they replied, “yeah, you can make this again.”


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