Arroz Caldo

Arroz Caldo


Back in September I had to get my wisdom tooth removed, and for anyone that knows what it is like, it’s worse after the surgery when you can only consume liquids. As the time approached that I was able to start eating solid foods, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to eat foods that would cause my blood clot to be damaged. Thus, I thought of this traditional Filipino delicacy, Arroz Caldo.

Growing up, my mom used to always make Arroz Caldo whenever I wasn’t feeling well. According to Filipinos, the ingredients within this dish has healing properties….whether that is true or not, it definitely made me feel better after I had my filling!


Because Arroz Caldo is pretty simple to make, I used the’s recipe. When following this recipe, I made sure to use all fresh ingredients, because that’s how my mom always used to make it. The two things that I did not follow, however, was adding the boiled egg and lemon juice. My mom never put it in there, so I figured I didn’t need to either. Plus, this chicken was plenty enough protein for me.


This recipe is always a winner for me! I made sure that I made enough to last me an entire week, being that it was the only solid food that I could really stomach. Plus, It’s comfort food, so it could really work in any season, however, probably best in the Fall. I made enough for the roommates to have some, and unfortunately for them, they wanted seconds, but they weren’t going to have any since I was saving it all for me! 😛


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