Chicken Sausage Gumbo



Unfortunately for me i’m allergic to shrimp, and since  a lot of New Orleans recipes have shrimp in them, I wanted to find something that I could make that would taste good and be tolerable for my body. Additionally, I LOVE andouille sausage and I had a pack of them in my fridge and needed to do something with it.


The recipe that I used was via Yummly from a website called Art and The Kitchen. I followed the recipe as stated however, I did make a few modifications. When making the Roux, I cheated a little and did not cook it for the time suggested (25-30min), instead, I cooked it for roughly 15 minutes on a higher heat. Honestly, stirring a roux for that long is tiring–plus, I was on a time constraint being that I made this during the week. Lastly, I could not fine File powder at any of the local grocery store–which is what actually made me start running late. ugh!


Despite this gumbo being on the spicy side, the gumbo turned out so rich in flavor that I made sure I was going to have seconds, thirds, fourths, and fifths! This recipe really does make a large amount, so keep that in mind if you are planning on making this for a large group of people. (roughly 6-8)

As for the roommates, they loved it! However, I wasn’t going to let them have any of the leftovers since I wanted them for m myself! >_<


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