Finding Recipes

So, some of my friends have been asking me, “Heiko, how do you find your recipes?” Well, being that i’m a millennial, aka “The Connected Generation,” I tend to search for all of my recipes online. There are some really great ones out there, you just have to be specific on your searches. HOWEVER, if you find that to be too tedious, there are also some great tools out there such as the one I find myself using a lot,  Yummly.


Yummly is such a great tool if you are cooking for picky eaters and/or if you are a picky eater as well. Additionally, for me, this app is very beneficial for me because of all my food allergies. In the app, you can customize your searches to avoid ingredients and certain foods that you don’t like. *THIS IS SUCH A GREAT INNOVATION.*

So, my advice to y’all is to get friendly with search engines and applications out there, because you can find a lot of recipes that are FREE, and you can’t beat free. However, don’t be scared to look at a cook book either, I have a few in my collection that I will look at for time to time. Although, since i’m not an experienced chef, I find myself not knowing what some ingredients are, OR how to prepare an ingredient a certain way. Therefore, that’s when YouTube comes to play. You can literally learn how to do anything through youtube. I’m such an advocate.

Anyway, if any of y’all have questions, feel free to post them on here and I will do my best to reply! 🙂


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