Beef and Beer Irish Stew



*brrrrrr* It’s getting cold down here in Atlanta! So, I wanted to make something that could warm me up! And, watching shows like Game Of Thrones, where they are eating stews with a loaf of bread got me thinking, “I want to live in an old cabin-like home and make some stew!.” I settled for making this stew at home. 😉


This recipe was borrowed from Recipe 4 Living via Yummly. I followed everything on the recipe EXCEPT there were no potatoes in the recipe, when there are clearly potatoes in the picture!!! WTF? How can you have a Irish stew without potatoes? Anyways, I took it upon myself for adding two yukon potatoes, peeled, and a “40” of Guinness and a little extra tomato paste for the potatoes to soak up.


This stew was so delicious! However, there was  just a little bitter bite to it, but I think it was because I added too much Guinness (and yes, you did hear me just say too much). Beer is great for cooking, however, you have to be careful with darker beers like stouts because they do have that bitter taste to them. Therefore, I suggest maybe adding some brown sugar to counteract the bitterness or less guinness. Other than that, this hit the spot with a nice loaf of French bread to go with it!


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