Dutch Oven Smoke House Chicken



So, I was craving some baked chicken and I stumbled upon this gem! Additionally, I was cooking for a friend and he doesn’t like tomatoes, hence no tomatoes in my salad, therefore this was a perfect fit for him! Lastly, I was really in the mood for some homemade mashed potatoes, which you can find the recipe in my blog on the Roast Chicken with Mashed Potatoes.


The recipe that I used was from Southern Plate via Yummly. I followed the recipe according to the directions however, I didn’t have any of the ingredients with “smoke” flavoring, so I just used what I had like regular paprika. Additionally, the recipe did not call for a specific cut of chicken, so I used bone in thighs…..however, I don’t think I will use that cut again, rather, something that’s more flat like a chicken breast. One of the pieces of chicken cooked inconsistently and overcooked.


Despite the single piece of chicken being overcooked, this was a very tasty recipe, and something that I think I will try again! My friend Josh agreed and said he better be invited the next time I make it. 😛


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