To rinse rice or not before cooking?


Yes! Rinse your rice before cooking! 

If you haven’t noticed, I cook with rice a lot, maybe because i’m Asian and tend to make a lot of Asian dishes. But, I always get asked by my friends, how do you make your rice so well and sticky?

The answer is, I wash my rice and use certain style of rice such as Jasmine  and Japanese.There are, however, styles of rice that don’t need it such as Latin America rice since they prepare theirs a little differently.

How do you rinse rice?

How my mom taught me, which is custom to most Asian countries, is filling up the rice in a pot and constantly pouring water into it and then dumping it out (keeping the rice in the pot). I tend to do this about 6 times. You want to fill and empty the water in the pot until the water is clear, which is when you know that the rice is ready to be cooked.

Because of this process, following the instructions to making rice may no longer be valid. Therefore, there is a simple asian technique! All you do is after you dump the last bit of water from the pot, dip your index finger in the wet rice and see how far the rice goes up your finger. Once your finger touches the bottom of the pot, mark the spot with your thumb on your index finger of where the rice comes up on your finger. Then, bring your finger up to the surface of the rice, hold it in that spot and start filling up the water up to where you have your thumb at. You may then proceed to follow the instructions and/or use a rice cooker (like I do).

Good Luck!


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